Club Profile: Malia Steinmetz

Club Profile: Malia Steinmetz

New Zealand international Malia Steinmetz has jumped in the deep end during her first season at the club, regularly starting in the middle of midfield or defence.

Who have been the been the biggest influences in your football career?

Would be the many teammates who have become close friends over the years. They’ve helped me grow and keep loving the game as it gets more competitive!

Which clubs have you previously played for?

In Auckland when I first started I played for Three Kings United and as I got older I moved to Forrest Hill Milford, who are still great supporters of me and my footballing career

What do you enjoy most about playing for Northern Tigers?

I’m really enjoying the culture that you can see instilled in the club throughout the ages and from both the men’s and women’s teams. The girls I’ve also met have been brilliant I couldn’t have asked to be put in with a better bunch of people and coaches!

What position do you play? Have you always played there?

I play holding midfield and only recently kinda figured out that’s my preferred position. I’ve been put attacking mid a lot but just over the years began to find holding is more for me. I’ve also played centre back a few times this year for Tigers and that’s been an interesting learning curve. It’s been good to have more knowledge of the game by actually playing in different positions and seeing the perspectives from that part of the pitch.

Do you have a favourite club/player? Who/why?

I don’t really have any, never watched any of the leagues that go on unless it was the biggest match of the year. I was told to study Aaron Ramsey for a bit in terms of a player and how I want to be so I guess he was a favourite for me for a few weeks.

What is your best football memory?

In ninth grade I scored the winning goal of a match with a lob from halfway – I’ll never forget it!

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