Player Profile: Emma Smith

Player Profile: Emma Smith

To most people in the club you’re known as KK, how did you get this nickname?

When I was in the under 12’s we had a team that had 3 Emmas and 3 Emilys, so everyone got a nickname. At the time I was competing in karate competitions so my coach decided to call me Karate Kid. It was a bit of a mouthful on the field, and in all honesty I wasn’t the biggest fan of it, so with time the name eventually got shortened to KK. I didn’t really think it would stick for this long, but every team I moved into had at least one other Emma on it, so it was easy to offer up KK as an alternative. Now it’s just apart of who I am on the field, I don’t respond to Emma at all anymore!

How long have you been playing for Northern Tigers?

This year will be my second season at Tigers.

Which clubs have you previously played for?

When I first started playing I played for a local club on the Central Coast, Wyoming FC. I then began playing for Central Coast Mariners (Central Coast Lightning at the time) and played with them until last season when I made the move to Tigers.

What do you enjoy most about playing for Northern Tigers?

Overall, I love the girls and the atmosphere the club has. The club atmosphere and support at Tigers from across the whole club is something I’ve never seen before and it’s a really cool thing to be a part of. It makes playing on the field with the girls one of the best experiences. Everyone is there for each other, working hard till the very end. It’s truly like a little family that I feel very blessed to be involved in.

What position do you play? Have you always played there?

I am usually in the number 4 position (centre back) but have spent time floating into different positions along the back line for a few games during different seasons. I originally played in midfield until I was about 14 when my coach pulled a surprise move half way through the season and put me into centre back, a position I’d never played before. I must of done something right because I’ve never permanently moved from that position since.

What is your personal goal for this season?

There are multiple things that I would like to work on this season. Mainly I would like to work on becoming a better option on the field during games and become a more active player in keeping possession. I need to begin to do this quicker and with more anticipation. I’d also like to improve my strength and range in my longer kicks.

Do you have a favourite team/player? Who/why?

My favourite team would definitely have to be the Matildas. I love what they’re doing for women’s football in Australia and how they’re really showing the Australian public how far women’s football has come. They’re also a super entertaining team to watch, some of the goals they have scored this year have been amazing. In saying that, my FIFA pick is always AC Milan. Why? I don’t know. When I was younger I loved their stripey shirts (must be why I’m at Tigers!) and I’ve never chosen any other team since. My favourite player has always been and probably always will be David Beckham. I loved his free kicking ability and his playing style and would watch any video I could to try and copy the curve he could get. He played midfield and is married to a spice girl, the perfect combination, so there’s really no one else.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Ng/Football NSW.

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